Een lijst van 300 pop- & rockklassiekers, gebaseerd op alle edities van Veronicaís Top 100 Allertijden, de Radio 2 Top 2000 en de Arrow Classic Top 500

Samengesteld door Eric van Oosterhout en uitgezonden in zijn kroeg in augustus 2011.

1   BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY                                       QUEEN

2   CHILD IN TIME                                                              DEEP PURPLE

3   STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN                                       LED ZEPPELIN

4   HOTEL CALIFORNIA                                               EAGLES

5   NOVEMBER RAIN                                                     GUNS N ROSES

6   RADAR LOVE                                                               GOLDEN EARRING


8   ANGIE                                                                               ROLLING STONES

9   WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE                                           AC/DC

10  HEY JUDE                                                                      BEATLES

11  SCHOOL                                                                          SUPERTRAMP

12  ONE                                                                                   METALLICA

13  PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS                           DIRE STRAITS

14  ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL                     PINK FLOYD

15  NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN                                   MOODY BLUES              

16  NOTHING ELSE MATTERS                                  METALLICA

17  SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY                             U2

18  THE RIVER                                                                    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN                   

19  KAYLEIGH                                                                    MARILLION     

20  ONE                                                                                   U2

21  SULTANS OF SWING                                           DIRE STRAITS

22  RIDERS ON THE STORM                                     DOORS               

23  BROTHERS IN ARMS                                            DIRE STRAITS

24  AFRICA                                                                         TOTO   

25  GOODNIGHT SAIGON                                        BILLY JOEL      

26  MUSIC                                                                            JOHN MILES    

27  A WHITER SHADE OF PALE                              PROCOL HARUM           

28  HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN                            ANIMALS          

29  CLOCKS                                                                         COLDPLAY       

30  PARANOID                                                               BLACK SABBATH          

31  IMAGINE                                                                     JOHN LENNON               

32  SWEET CHILD OF MINE                                     GUNS N ROSES              

33  LOSING MY RELIGION                                       R.E.M.                 

34  HALO OF FLIES                                                        ALICE COOPER              

35  SUMMER OF Ď69                                                       BRYAN ADAMS              

36  SATISFACTION                                                       ROLLING STONES        

37  OLD AND WISE                                                       ALAN PARSONS PROJECT

38  YESTERDAY                                                             BEATLES           

39  ANGELS                                                                        ROBBIE WILLIAMS     

40  ALIVE                                                                            PEARL JAM       

41  I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU                KISS                    

42  MAMA                                                                            GENESIS           

43  IN THE AIR TONIGHT                                         PHIL COLLINS


45  WITH OR WITHOUT YOU                                 U2         

46  A FOREST                                                                   THE CURE                         

47  UNDER THE BRIDGE                                           RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS        

48  SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT                               NIRVANA          

49  PURPLE RAIN                                                          PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION 

50  SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL                            ROLLING STONES        

51  STILL LOVING YOU                                              SCORPIONS                    

52  MORE THAN A FEELING                                     BOSTON            

53  STIL IN MIJ                                                                  VAN DIK HOUT              

54  PRIDE (IN THE NAME OF LOVE)                   U2                        

55  AVOND                                                                          BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT          


57  JUMP                                                                              VAN HALEN

58  OVER DE MUUR                                                      KLEIN ORKEST              

59  HEY JOE                                                                      JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE

60  LET IT BE                                                                     BEATLES           

61  I'M NOT IN LOVE                                                   10CC    

62  WHOLE LOTTA LOVE                                           LED ZEPPELIN               

63  VIENNA                                                                       ULTRAVOX       

64  PAINT IT BLACK                                                    ROLLING STONES        

65  WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER              QUEEN                               

66  WISH YOU WERE HERE                                   PINK FLOYD

67  GO YOUR OWN WAY                                         FLEETWOOD MAC        

68  NOBODY'S WIFE                                                  ANOUK                              

69  TWILIGHT ZONE                                                   GOLDEN EARRING      

70  I PUT A SPELL ON YOU                                     CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL

71  DREADLOCK HOLIDAY                                   10CC                    

72  OWNER OF A LONELY HEART                      YES                      

73  OEREND HARD                                                      NORMAAL                        

74  RUNNIN' WITH THE DEVIL                             VAN HALEN                     

75  ROXANNE                                                                 POLICE


76  COMFORTABLY NUMB                                       PINK FLOYD    

77  DANCING QUEEN                                                 ABBA

78  NEW YEARS DAY                                                  U2                        

79  SMOKE ON THE WATER                                     DEEP PURPLE

80  ROLL OVER LAY DOWN                                      STATUS QUO                  

81  LIGHT MY FIRE                                                      DOORS                              

82  LIKE THE WAY I DO                                             MELISSA ETHERIDGE

83  PARADISE CITY                                                    GUNS N ROSES              

84  JEANNY                                                                     FALCO                 

85  ALWAYS                                                                    BON JOVI                         

86  WHEN THE LADY SMILES                              GOLDEN EARRING      

87  MR. BLUE SKY                                                        ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA               

88  TEARS IN HEAVEN                                                ERIC CLAPTON              

89  NOTHING COMPARES 2 U                             SINEAD O'CONNOR     

90  PATIENCE                                                                 GUNS N ROSES              

91  THE ROSE                                                                   BETTE MIDLER              

92  FEEL                                                                                ROBBIE WILLIAMS

93  NO WOMAN NO CRY                                           BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS              

94  BELFAST CHILD                                                     SIMPLE MINDS              

95  BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY                             VERVE                

96  DON'T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME)            SIMPLE MINDS              

97  LOVE HURTS                                                            NAZARETH                      

98  BED OF ROSES                                                       BON JOVI                         

99  NIET OF NOOIT GEWEEST                                ACDA & DE MUNNIK   

100 KEEP ON LOVING YOU                                     REO SPEEDWAGON    

101 EVERYTHING I DO                                              BRYAN ADAMS              

102 BLACK BETTY                                                         RAM JAM                           

103 HURRICANE                                                           BOB DYLAN                     

104 HET DORP                                                               WIM SONNEVELD        

105 EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE                             POLICE                              

106 EASY LIVIN'                                                           URIAH HEEP                   

107 YEAR OF THE CAT                                              AL STEWART                  

108 FINAL COUNTDOWN                                         EUROPE                            

109 THE UNFORGETABLE FIRE                              U2                        

110 THE LAST RESORT                                               EAGLES                             

111 WUTHERING HEIGHTS                                    KATE BUSH                     

112 EVERYBODY HURTS                                          R.E.M.                 

113 ZOMBIE                                                                   CRANBERRIES               

114 HEROES                                                                   DAVID BOWIE               

115 BRIGHT EYES                                                       ART GARFUNKEL          

116 PIANO MAN                                                           BILLY JOEL                      

117 GIVE UP YOUR GUNS                                        BUOYS                               

118 OUDE MAASWEG                                             AMAZING STROOPWAFELS    

119 IRONIC                                                                    ALANIS MORISSETTE 

120 SOUND OF SILENCE                                           SIMON & GARFUNKEL               

121 DON'T SPEAK                                                        NO DOUBT                       

122 MAID OF ORLEANS                                             OMD                    

123 PASTORALE                                                           RAMSES SHAFFY & L. LIST

124 BAD                                                                           U2

125 DOWN UNDER                                                     MEN AT WORK               

126 ROOD                                                                        MARCO BORSATO        

127 IN A GADDA DA VIDA                                       IRON BUTTERFLY        

128 SPACE ODDITY                                                    DAVID BOWIE               

129 SAILING                                                                  ROD STEWART              

130 I'M GOING HOME                                             TEN YEARS AFTER       

131 TESTAMENT                                                           BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT          

132 HELP                                                                           BEATLES

133 AGAINST ALL ODDS                                       PHIL COLLINS

134 VENUS                                                                      SHOCKING BLUE          

135 I WANT TO BREAK FREE                            QUEEN                               

136 THUNDERSTRUCK                                              AC/DC                

137 BORN TO BE WILD                                             STEPPENWOLF             

138 LIVINí ON A PRAYER                                       BON JOVI                         

139 INNUENDO                                                             QUEEN                               

140 SHE SELLS SANCTUARY                                   THE CULT                         

141 OH WELL (PART 1)                                             FLEETWOOD MAC        

142 WORN DOWN PIANO                                        MARK & CLARK BAND

143 THRILLER                                                                   MICHAEL JACKSON     

144 VIVA LA VIDA                                                        COLDPLAY       

145 SEBASTIAN                                                             COCKNEY REBEL           

146 I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IS           FOREIGNER                    

147 ALBATROSS                                                            FLEETWOOD MAC        

148 SAN FRANCISCO                                                 SCOTT MCKENZIE        

149 SHE'S NOT THERE                                                SANTANA                         

150 WONDERWALL                                                    OASIS


151 LAYLA                                                                        DEREK & THE DOMINOS          

152 DREAM ON                                                              AEROSMITH                    

153 MORE THAN WORDS                                         EXTREME                          

154 EASY                                                                          FAITH NO MORE

155 SEE ME FEEL ME                                                   WHO                   

156 99 LUFTBALLONS                                              NENA                  

157 HEDONISM                                                             SKUNK ANANSIE          

158 SAMBA PA TI                                                          SANTANA                         

159 THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL                           ABBA                  

160 BRABANT                                                               GUUS MEEUWIS           

161 PAPA                                                                         STEF BOS

162 FOREVER YOUNG                                            ALPHAVILLE                   


164 NOT AN ADDICT                                                  K'S CHOICE                      

165 EYE OF THE TIGER                                              SURVIVOR                       

166 DOWN DOWN                                                       STATUS QUO                  

167 GOOD VIBRATIONS                                           BEACH BOYS                  

168 TAKE ON ME                                                           A-HA                   

169 HEAVEN                                                                    BRYAN ADAMS              

170 IN THE GHETTO                                                   ELVIS PRESLEY             

171 CARELESS WHISPER                                         GEORGE MICHAEL       

172 1999                                                                            PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION

173 SINDS 1 DAG OF 2 (32 JAAR)                     DOE MAAR                       

174 I'D DO ANYTING FOR LOVE                           MEAT LOAF                      

175 GIMME ALL YOUR LOVING                             ZZ TOP                               

176 LIKE A HURRICANE                                            NEIL YOUNG                  

177 YOU OUGHTA KNOW                                        ALANIS MORISSETTE 

178 ELOISE                                                                        BARRY RYAN  

179 SACRIFICE                                                              ANOUK                              

180 ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE                                    BEATLES                           

181 SARA                                                                           FLEETWOOD MAC

182 LOLA                                                                              KINKS 

183 BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S                           DEEP BLUE SOMETHING          

184 LET LOVE RULE                                                        LENNY KRAVITZ           

185 I DONíT WANNA MISS A THING              AEROSMITH                    

186 QUESTION                                                               MOODY BLUES              

187 THE DAY BEFORE YOU CAME                     ABBA                  

188 I WILL FOLLOW                                                     U2                        

189 CREEP                                                                          RADIOHEAD   

190 TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART                    BONNIE TYLER              

191 BLACK                                                                       PEARL JAM       

192 HET REGENT ZONNESTRALEN                    ACDA & DE MUNNIK   

193 WHITE RABBIT                                                    JEFFERSON AIRPLANE              

194 ENJOY THE SILENCE                                          DEPECHE MODE            

195 NINE MILLION BICYCLES                                KATIE MELUA 

196 WINDS OF CHANGE                                           SCORPIONS                    

197 ONE OF THESE DAYS                                         PINK FLOYD                   

198 TROY                                                                          SINEAD O'CONNOR     

199 RAIN AND TEARS                                          APHRODITE'S CHILD 

200 BILLIE JEAN                                                          MICHAEL JACKSON     

201 BEAUTIFUL DAY                                                  U2                        


203 NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD                             FLEETWOOD MAC        

204 AAN DE KUST                                                        BLōF                   

205 GOD ONLY KNOWS                                            BEACH BOYS                  

206 KASHMIR                                                                LED ZEPPELIN               

207 VOODOO CHILE                                                   JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE

208 SUZIE Q                                                                     CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL

209 WAITING FOR A GIRL LIKE YOU            FOREIGNER                    

210 DANCING IN THE DARK                                   BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN               

211 THE REFLEX                                                           DURAN DURAN             

212 SOMEBODY TO LOVE                                         QUEEN                               

213 GLORIA                                                                    THEM                  

214 MONEY                                                                       PINK FLOYD    

215 '74 '75                                                                         CONNELS          

216 WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME     U2                        

217 I BELIEVE I CAN FLY                                           R. KELLY                           

218 HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME                          JOHN HIATT                   

219 HOW YOU GONNA SEE ME NOW             ALICE COOPER              

220 PROUD MARY                                                       CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL

221 VOOR HAAR                                                           FRANS HALSEMA          


223 MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE                                     POLICE                              

224 BIG LOG                                                                      ROBERT PLANT             

225 WALK ON THE WILD SIDE                              LOU REED                        


226 IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW                                    CHICAGO                          

227 ALLRIGHT NOW                                                    FREE                    

228 SLOOP JOHN B                                                     BEACH BOYS                  

229 PROUD MARY                                                       IKE & TINA TURNER   

230 HOCUS POCUS                                                     FOCUS                

231 DE VLIEGER                                                           ANDRE HAZES

232 HORSE WITH NO NAME                                   AMERICA                          

233 LUCKY MAN                                                           EMERSON LAKE & PALMER     

234 FREE BIRD                                                              LYNYRD SKYNYRD      

235 WHEN DOVES CRY                                              PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION 

236 SUMMERTIME BLUES                                        BLUE CHEER                   

237 GET BACK                                                               BEATLES                           

238 VERDRONKEN VLINDER                            BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT          

239 JAILHOUSE ROCK                                                ELVIS PRESLEY             

240 BLUE MONDAY                                                     NEW ORDER                   

241 ROSANNA                                                             TOTO                  

242 SLEDGEHAMMER                                             PETER GABRIEL            

243 TORN                                                                        NATALIE IMBRUGLIA

244 ONE OF US                                                              JOAN OSBORNE            

245 CHASING CARS                                                    SNOW PATROL              

246 YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE                             NEW RADICALS            

247 WITH A LITTLE HELP OF MY                          JOE COCKER                    

248 ECHOES                                                                      PINK FLOYD                   

249 CAMBODIA                                                             KIM WILDE                     

250 VINCENT                                                                 DON MCLEAN                 

251 FOOLISH GAMES                                             JEWEL                

252 YOURS IS NO DISGRACE                           YES                      

253 BAD MOON RISING                                            CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL

254 SPICKS AND SPECKS                                         BEE GEES                         

255 IF                                                                                 BREAD

256 GIRL                                                                          ANOUK

257 ONE OF THESE NIGHTS                                    EAGLES                             

258 HARDER DAN IK HEBBEN KAN                     BLōF                   

259 THE BOXER                                                            SIMON & GARFUNKEL               

260 GIVE A LITTLE BIT                                              SUPERTRAMP                

261 BLOASMUZIEK                                                     G… REINDERS 

262 BACK HOME                                                           GOLDEN EARRING      

263 BROKEN WINGS                                                 MR MISTER                      

264 JUST A LITTLE BIT OF PEACE..                      GOLDEN EARRING      

265 WELTERUSTEN MIJNHEER DE..                   BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT          

266 FIRTH OF FIFHT                                                    GENESIS                           

267 MASSACHUSETTS                                                BEE GEES                         

268 A DAY IN THE LIFE                                              BEATLES                           

269 NUMBER OF THE BEAST                                   IRON MAIDEN

270 OVERCOME                                                             LIVE                    

271 NO MORE TEARS                                                 OZZY OSBOURNE         

272 WONDERFUL TONIGHT                                   ERIC CLAPTON              

273 TINSELTOWN IN THE RAIN                           BLUE NILE                       

274 SO LONELY                                                              POLICE                              

275 WINDOW OF MY EYES                                      CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS          

276 SUMMER IN THE CITY                                       LOVIN' SPOONFUL      

277 FROZEN                                                                   MADONNA                       

278 STARGAZER                                                           RAINBOW                        

279 ROCKINí IN THE FREE WORLD                      NEIL YOUNG                  

280 STOP LOVING YOU                                             TOTO                  

281 GIMME SHELTER                                                 ROLLING STONES        

282 ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE                        PHIL COLLINS

283 ENTER SANDMAN                                                METALLICA                      

284 I STILL HAVENíT FOUND WHAT IíM..        U2                        

285 MY GENERATION                                                WHO                   

286 HIGHWAY STAR                                                  DEEP PURPLE

287 SUCH A SHAME                                                    TALK TALK                       

288 STORM AND THUNDER                                     EARTH & FIRE

289 WE LOVE YOU                                                      ROLLING STONES        

290 MONDAY MONDAY                                             MAMAS & PAPAS          

291 REAL MEN                                                                JOE JACKSON 

292 ALIVE AND KICKING                                         SIMPLE MINDS              

293 MONEY FOR NOTHING                                     DIRE STRAITS

294 BEAT IT                                                                    MICHAEL JACKSON     

295 KNOCKINí ON HEAVENíS DOOR             GUNS N ROSES              

296 AMERICA                                                                 NICE                    

297 DON'T GIVE UP                                                    PETER GABRIEL & KATE BUSH

298 YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME                       BON JOVI                         

299 HIGHWAY TO HELL                                            AC/DC                

300 LOVE OF MY LIFE                                             QUEEN               


Donderdag 11 Augustus Nrs. 300 t/m 201

Vrijdag 12 Augustus Nrs. 200 t/m 101

Zaterdag 13 Augustus Nrs. 101 t/m 1