Nederpop Top 100 Radio Vladeracken Geffen

1 september  2006

100 doris D and the pins                        shine up 
99  spargo                                            you and me 
98   t-spoon                                          sex on the beach 
97  zz & de maskers                              la comparsa 
96  alexander curly                               i'll never drink again 
95  blue diamonds                                  ramona 
94  bolland & bolland                             you're in the army now 
93  mai tai                                            female intuition 
92  l.a. Style                                          james brown is dead 
91  zuco103                                          maracatu atomico 
90  candy dulfer                                     lily was here 
89  catapult                                           let your hair hang down 
88  ro-D-ys                                            take her home 
87  georgie davis                                  black star 
86  rene froger                                      just say hello 
85  les baroques                                  such a cad 
84  urban heroes                                  never change a winning team 
83  junkie xl                                          a little less conversation  
82  the gathering                                  strange machines 
81  do                                                   heaven 
80  wally tax                                          miss wonderful 
79  gruppo sportivo                                hey girl 
78  the dutch                                         this is welfare 
77  piet veerman                                   sailing home 
76  2 brothers on the 4th floor              never alone 
75  tee set                                            she likes weeds 
74  the president                                  you gonna like it 
73  teach in                                           ding a dong 
72  wealthy beggar                               reminder 
71  secret sounds                                 state of sound 
70  massada                                         sajang e 
69  maywood                                        rio 
68  stevie ann                                      poetry man 
67  i've got the bullets                          in the middle of the night 
66  ekseption                                       the 5th 
65  2 unlimited                                      no limit 
64  yvonne keeley & scott fitzgerald       if I had words 
63  zen                                                hair 
62  alidas hidding                                  hollywood seven 
61  robby valentine                               over and over again 
60  nadieh                                             windforce 11 

59  cuby & the blizzards                       window of my eyes 
58  tambourine                                      high under the moon 
57  fox the fox                                       precious little diamond 
56  richenel                                           dance around the world 
55  ten sharp                                         you 
54  boney m                                          ma baker (hollands??)
53  supersister                                      she was naked 
52  swinging soul machine                      spooky's day off 
51  stars on 45                                      stars on stevie 
50  tower                                              see you tonight 
49  time bandits                                     listen to the man with the golden voice 
48  vengeance                                       take it or leave it 
47  luv                                                  u.o. me 
46  herman brood & his wild romance     saturday night 
45  q 65                                                the life I live 
44  the sheer                                         stay awake 
43  lois lane                                          it's the first time 
42  within temptation                             ice queen  
41  focus                                               tommy 
40  the motions                                     wasted words 
39  urban dance squad                           deeper shade of soul 
38  roberto jacketti and the scooters       i save the day 
37  jody bernal                                      que si que no 
36  greenfield and cook                         only lies 
35  george baker selection                     little green bag 
34  new adventures                                come on 
33  lucifer                                             house for sale 
32  fatal flowers                                     younger days 
31  rene klijn                                         mr. blue 
30  rosemary's sons                             shine 
29  powerplay                                       make it alone 
28  sandy coast                                     true love that's a wonder 
27  margriet eshuis band                       black pearl 
26  the nits                                            in the dutch mountains 
25  dolly dots                                         radio 
24  zinatra                                            love or loneliness 
23  16down                                           subtle movements 
22  earth & fire                                      maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight 
21  kayak                                              ruthless queen 
20  diesel                                              sausolito summernight 
19  what fun                                          right side won 
18  pussycat                                          mississippi 
17  the cats                                           why 
16  total touch                                       somebody elses lover 
15  krezip                                              i would stay 
14  partner                                            kayuta hill 
13  the shoes                                        na na na 

12  the monotones                                mono 
11  claw boys claw                                 rosie 
10  shocking blue                                  venus 
9  vitesse                                              rosalyn 
8  vandenberg                                       different worlds 
7  intwine                                              happy 
6  kane                                                 rain down on me 
5  racoon                                              love you more 
4  di-rect                                               inside my head 
3  ilse de lange                                      i'm not so tough 
2  golden earring(s)                                 another 45 miles 
1  anouk                                               one word