KINK NL Top 100 Kink, 27 april 2020
Nr Titel Artiest
1 Witch Doctor De Staat
2 Tumble And Fall Johan
3 Demagogue Urban Dance Squad
4 Sad Supermarket Song Mozes And The Firstborn
5 Ice Queen Within Temptation
6 Palomine Bettie Serveert
7 Promises Of No Man's Land Blaudzun
8 Strange Machines Gathering, The
9 Iedereen Is Van De Wereld Scene, The
10 Kom Terug Spinvis
11 Saturday Night Herman Brood And His Wild Romance
12 Electric Go Back To The Zoo
13 I Apologise Moss
14 Everyday I Work On The Road Voicst
15 I Would Stay Krezip
16 Rosie Claw Boys Claw
17 Amigo Chef'Special
18 Op Fietse Skik
19 Daddy Issues Pip Blom
20 Radar Love Golden Earring
21 Here Comes The Summer Moke
22 Sam Tim Knol
23 Kitty Kitty De Staat
24 Nobody's Wife Anouk
25 Autumn Green Lizard
26 Roller Coaster Danny Vera
27 Poep In Je Hoofd Raggende Manne, De
28 Mother Earth Within Temptation
29 Sterrenstof De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig
30 Swim With Sam A Balladeer
31 Dansen Op De Vulkaan De Dijk
32 Elephants Blaudzun
33 Broke Neck John Coffey
34 Met Hart En Ziel Tröckener Kecks
35 Hoedenplank Opgezwolle
36 Before My Head Explodes Caesar
37 Saturday Teenage Kick Junkie XL
38 Dive Deeper Tape Toy
39 Cruel Man Intwine
40 Oceans Johan
41 Klapvee Heideroosjes
42 Sorry Kyteman
43 A Deeper Shade of Soul Urban Dance Squad
44 Feel Like Flying Racoon
45 Louise Jett Rebel
46 Really Wanna Tell You Indian Askin
47 Frozen Delain
48 It's Love (But It's Not Mine) EUT
49 Zandloper Typhoon
50 It Ain't Easy DeWolff
51 Run Rondé
52 Seeing Red My Baby
53 Bagagedrager Spinvis
54 Cerberus Navarone
55 Gotor Waltzburg
56 St. Helena Kensington
57 Talk To Me Thomas Azier
58 The Fantastic Journey of the Underground Man De Staat
59 You Learn About It Gathering, The
60 In My Head Áslaug
61 Sky On Fire Handsome Poets
62 Hocus Pocus Focus
63 I'm On A Train Drive Like Maria
64 In Your Arms Chef'Special
65 Goeroe Fokko & Aafke Romeijn
66 In Your Arms Destine
67 Mojo Mischief Lucas Hamming
68 Stand My Ground Within Temptation
69 Forza (It Is) Bewilder
70 Coming Down That Road Deaf, The
71 Nothing Son Mieux
72 Boy Vices, The
73 A Good Year For The Robots Coparck
74 Big Boys Loan Queen's Pleasure
75 Blauw Scene, The
76 Bitterzoet Eefje De Visser
77 Naive Tape Toy
78 Younger Days Fatal Flowers
79 Word & Music From Da Lowlands Gotcha
80 She Said Oh Oh Oh, I Said Yeah Yeah Yah GEM
81 Klokkenluiders Spookrijders
82 Subtle Movements 16 Down
83 Sour Times EUT
84 Everybody Knows Johan
85 Times Are Changing Di-Rect
86 The Whale Sue The Night
87 Spraakwater Extince
88 Another Day Bertolf
89 Northern Sky Mister And Mississippi
90 Fast Lane Urban Dance Squad
91 Do You Love Me At All Jett Rebel
92 Surely Justice Daryll-Ann
93 Deep End Indian Askin
94 Niemand In De Stad De Dijk
95 Black Cat John Brown Alamo Race Track
96 It Only Gets Better Sheer, The
97 Bye Ten Times A Million
98 Origineel Amsterdams Osdorp Posse
99 Scream Your Heart Out Call It Off
100 Ecstasy zZz